June Photo Theme – Journey Post – 3

To embark on the Journey towards your goals and dreams require bravery.

To remain on that path requires courage.

The bridge that merges the two is Commitment.

– DR. Steve Maraboli



Ooo La La… WonderLa

This weekend was an amazing and fun filled Jolly ride. Yes, Literally. It was family time again. A few of my cousins and their kids and us went to Wonder la for a weekend outing. I t was really a joy ride.

Though we opted to reach Wonderla by our own transport, we all met at the entrance. We [our family] were the first ones to reach there. We almost waited there for an hour. [It was my idea to be there on time as we are known to be late for all the family gatherings] The plan was to be there by 11 am everybody reached an hour late. It was 5 years ago the last time we came to Wonderla, [though it is just 30 kms away from the city] Last time it was with Rakesh [my dear cousin who now resides in Australia] there were lots of changes including the entrance fee, which worried a few who were just there for company.

We made our plans to start with Dry rides [ones that didn’t involve water] first and then have lunch and then enjoy the water games. So we didn’t waste any more time we began with a simple ride. We were almost 16 of us [including a few kids] to play the rides. So our family itself would occupy almost all the seats on the ride and it was total fun. The surprising part was, the kids didn’t even deter a little when it came to complex rides. They enjoyed every bit of it. Even though it was a Sunday and almost around 5000 people in the park we still got to enjoy a few rides more than once, especially the rides like Drop Zone and Water Splash. Every time we stood in the line for a ride, the topic was about how scary the ride would be or who would be the one to puke? We really missed Santosh though. [He has an epic story about the rides and regurgitation of semi digested food] Post the ride it was always thrilling and would jump into the line again to go for a second round.  It was almost 4 when we decided to have lunch. Everyone’s hungry and tired. The kids who generally make a mess about eating were so hungry that they just battled through the food.

However, they were still enthusiastic about playing in the water. They discussed about their colorful swimsuits and how they wanted to splash water on each other. Ultimately they did what they wanted to in the kids pool, waves pool and rain disco. I stayed out of the water and DK got in with Nimisha. [He doesn’t like the rides, scared to the core] few went on to play water games and the kids and elders preferred the pools, Wave pool and Rain disco are timed, so you want to enjoy them, you need to be there on time so  I took that task upon myself to take care of the children and gather everybody on time to and made sure they enjoyed it. It was 8 when everybody came out from water and got ready to go. Latha and I enjoyed the cotton candies and the kids enjoyed pulling our legs. Yet, we weren’t satisfied to leave. It wasn’t kind of over for us.

So the plan continued for another 35 kms to Kamath Yathri Nivas at Ramanagar for just a plate of Masala Dosa and cup of coffee. By then it was almost 10. The elders worried about the people waiting at home for our return [read Dads, grandpas and grandmas] and the kids worried about going back to school next morning. The responsible husbands drove us back at the maximum speed but safely so everybody could get some rest to get back to the routine.