April Photo Theme: B & W/ T / G Post 1

Photo Theme: Black & White, Tint or Grey… Basically Monochrome

Watched the snail move… it was depressingly satisfying. Like it was telling me, Stop running, look around, enjoy the life and leave your trail…



They Like my Photo

Wow!… I feel so satisfied. Well, I guess there is nothing wrong about saying I’m satisfied. A lot of people asked me what i was satisfied about and was I talking about…. You know. Well, I think such topics are too personal to talk about in the blogs. May be… I’m not bold enough to talk about such things in my blog yet.

Well the satisfaction was about my photos. Its nice to know when people say they like something I do and show their appreciation. That’s very important, especially for me. Appreciation keeps me going.   Now I’m off with my camera for more photos.

They Like My Photo

They liked the photo that I liked and it is overwhelming too. Mysterious Lake

A lot of people appreciated my Work and I’m very happy about it.

Have You Ever Cried For Being Satisfied?

Have You ever cried for being satisfied? … with what ever. Point here is about crying. I did. Yesterday, after a long time. Something we have done for so long and just not getting right was real frustrating. For both of us, I guess. I thought of giving it one last chance. It’s been exciting all this while. Probably it had gotten monotonous. Probably, we forgot the basics. Or may be we lost details in between. How ever it began, the end was frustrating.

It was fun in the beginning. There were no rules, no exact methods, but once it was accomplished, it was wonderful. I had gotten used to  achieving it. It was always right. But, from a few days, I guess, from the beginning of the year, it was kind of strenuous. I would dread by the thought of it. I would try to avoid it as much as possible. So I don’t have to go through the pain of failure.

Yesterday, I had decided I wouldn’t do it. But, circumstances were unavoidable. I never thought it would be a success, but when it did, I realized what I was missing all this time. I couldn’t stop crying. Tears just ran down my cheeks when I realized what I had accomplished. Satisfaction is so important in what ever we do.