June Photo Theme – Journey Post – 3

To embark on the Journey towards your goals and dreams require bravery.

To remain on that path requires courage.

The bridge that merges the two is Commitment.

– DR. Steve Maraboli



February Photo Theme: Love – Post 4

A mother, feeding her young one, even when he seems to be all ready to face the world. The chick seems to be quiet big, yet decides stay under mom’s wings.That’s Love.


The whole episode happened at Varnad, at temple of Goddess Annapurna , who herself is a god of food and Nourishment. Call it Coincidence.

A Photo Challenge 2017

So, I ¬†have come up with a plan for this year’s Hobby Photography Resolution.

Photography is a hobby to divert from the mundane routine of my life. However, I always end up lazy or not being serious about the hobby itself. So this resolution for a reason.

I have decided to have a topic for each month and add pictures here. There’s no limit for photos as such.

The list as follows:

January:  People (candids..)

February: Love (Anything that describes Love)

March: Spring

April: Black n White/Tint/Grey

May: Colours

June: Journey

July: Food

August: Landscape

September: Macro/Closeup

October: Earth

November: Buildings

December: Out of Focus

I hope to keep up to this Challenge.