August Photo Theme: Landscape Post 2

I have been busy throughout the month with personal issues. I didn’t want to miss out on the challenge either. So posting my favorite landscapes all in one day. 

You are the sky. 

Everything else is the Weather.


A Photo Challenge 2017

So, I ¬†have come up with a plan for this year’s Hobby Photography Resolution.

Photography is a hobby to divert from the mundane routine of my life. However, I always end up lazy or not being serious about the hobby itself. So this resolution for a reason.

I have decided to have a topic for each month and add pictures here. There’s no limit for photos as such.

The list as follows:

January:  People (candids..)

February: Love (Anything that describes Love)

March: Spring

April: Black n White/Tint/Grey

May: Colours

June: Journey

July: Food

August: Landscape

September: Macro/Closeup

October: Earth

November: Buildings

December: Out of Focus

I hope to keep up to this Challenge.