July Photo Theme: Food Post – 2

Food is essential to life, therefore make it good.


An Overwhelming Note – 2

Here’s another email about the our kids…

Bill says…

The kids here in India are amazingly healthy and good-looking. I snapped this picture of a kid as our bus went past. 
Some of the best wedding photos were the kids with big smiles and wonderful nature. Tantrums were nowhere to be seen, and I can’t recall seeing a kid carrying on in such a way that I though ‘that parent should give the kid a whack’. Can’t say that about Australian kids, I’m sorry. A lot of Australian and English kids should have been drowned at birth, followed by the parents.
Indian people and their kids eat a healthy diet, almost exclusively vegetarian. Chocolate and Coca-Cola are almost never eaten, very few things are deep fried, and McDonalds hasn’t corrupted their eating habits yet.
Sweets are taken at start of the meal, not left to stick in the mouth until brushing time. Usually the sweets are simply a custard or sweet rice, not the chocolate puddings and ice cream we eat in Australia.
The whites of the kids eyes are vividly clear, their teeth are white and evenly spaced and they have lovely clear olive skin. The teenagers look a lot healthier than our Australian kids, fewer pimples and less chubbiness.
The parents don’t drink, only a very few smoke cigarettes, so I expect that these kids have a good start to life when the family is healthy.
We praise ourselves in Australia for having an advanced society, but I wonder by what means we measure ourselves. If it’s how much a week we earn or how big a TV set we can afford, we win.
If it’s how well we raise our kids, we lose by a mile.

Appu’s Engagement Function

October’s been a busy month. To begin with it was candles season for me, the busiest of my Business days. Along with it I was also preparing for Appu’s Engagement.

Appu is my hubby’s first cousin. He is getting married in December. We had his engagement function yesterday. Roopa Aunty[Appu’s Mom] wanted me to help her out with the preparation. She comes from a very good family. She belongs to BB Shivappa’s clan. [BB Shivappa is a former minister from BJP] The Engagement ceremony was held at Sakleshpur, in their ancestral home in the middle of a Coffee Estate. We all left to Sakleshpur on Saturday morning. By the time we reached there it was late in the afternoon. We had a warm welcome with cool soft drinks. They were all waiting for us for Lunch. The house is in the middle of the coffee plantation. Built in early nineties, the house is true example of our heritage. Such houses are called as Thotti mane. It houses many rooms, balconies, a backyard, bathrooms, huge kitchen and many quarters for the Housekeepers and drivers. It’s a huge place which can accommodate more than a 20 families. They are more in the number though.

The house in not a home for the family, but it’s a heritage. It’s a classic architecture, with a touch of British influence. Those gracefully carved pillars, huge wooden elephants, horns of Bulls and Deer and the unseen utensils in the kitchen just mesmerized me. I’m sure, I wouldn’t get a chance to visit this house one more time, and I wanted to capture everything in my memories because, I hadn’t taken my camera along with me. Yes it was the first time; I went out without a camera. The new camera is broken again, all thanks to my naughty little daughter. I wanted those memories stored for her as none of us in the family have something called an ancestral house. Both Dhruva’s grandparents and mine had migrated to Bangalore and so our parents have lived here from their birth, so this has been our native. I hope my daughter gets to relive the heritage.

Well, concerned to Appu’s Engagement ceremony –

The food was authentic and very tasty. After the lunch we all went to the rooms allotted for us in the near by resort, which is again owned by the family. We rested for a while and we were invited for Tea in the evening. With the Tea and snacks they had also arranged for Firework show, which was spectacular. We returned to room after dinner and had a good night sleep.

In the morning we all dressed up and ready to have fun at the function. It was again the arrangement and the decoration that caught my attention. It was so unique from what we see in our Bangalore Marriages. The Fruit hangings and Variety of native flower arrangements and tiny birds made of coconut leaves, they all looked so new to me.

We left Sakleshpur after a hearty meal in the afternoon and reached Bangalore almost around 10 at night. It was not just a small function but a whole package of fun, food, heritage and memories that I have come back with.