Missing… You!

So, this is about a friend, who has disappeared. He just decided to vanish from my world. Reasons unknown.

JJ and Me are good friends [real good friends… no strings attached]; his friendship meant a lot to me. I met JJ at work. we both worked in the same team. I don’t remember a situation or a day that bonded us, but a lot of people envied our friendship. JJ is matured and smart, unlike me. He’s a man of few words, but whatever little he spoke meant a lot.After he got married, he moved out of India. He lives in a far off land from mine, but I never missed him. Thanks to technology like emails, Facebook and Whats app, that kept us in touch.

And one fine day, he decides to hide, go missing, just vanish. Barring all communication, without even leaving a note. Any type of communication or contact is a dead end. I messaged, wrote emails, called his number, even a few friends tried to reason… but no. Its just a dark dead end.

Its been over a year, since JJ’s absconding and I’m still trying figure out what went wrong. I always think it must be me, when some relationships go sour. I think, maybe I could have been more active, more empathizing, more reaching out, to keep it going. I sulk, I cry, I’m depressed. For over a year now, I’m still fighting my memory to recall of any incidents that would have caused the rift. I have no clue. When in panic or pain, all bad thoughts surround you making things worst. That’s scarier. I think if he’s sick and he’s trying to hide. Maybe he’s stressed up with lot of work, or maybe, his wife is too possessive to relate to our friendship. or its just that he lost his phone and lost my number too.

After thinking, pondering, sulking, I realize, some questions just don’t have answers. Somethings are just meant to be.

Now, I think I deserve an answer, a reason or at-least a decent bye, if you just had to walk away. Cmon… I’m a good person. I have been a good friend and I deserve it.


Friends @ AOL – Kiran Kumar

Milestones Of my Life – Friends @ AOL

Hmmm… Kiran! [I’m grinning] what more can I say? No matter what part of the day (or night it is…) he would be the brightest person around. He’s different. He is always happy and cheerful. Even if he has had a bad day and his boss said  mean things to him, he still finds something to laugh in it. I mean, this guy can never get serious about anything. Even when he decided to get married, he sends a photo of bunch of people and says this is the girl I’m getting married and I was left wondering who the lucky lady was.

I met Kiran when Deepak [my coach at AOL] went to Argentina and Beena was moved to another team. Kiran came to the team as CSS [Well, I have forgotten its expansion but we called them Consultant’s servant] with Prashanth as our coach. I was not happy with this change as I had got used to Deepak’s rules and regulations. He was strict and many rules to follow. But when Kiran and Prashanth came in, every rule was broken. Every ‘don’t’ became a ‘must do’. It came as a shock to me. But a pleasant one though.

One more thing he is famous for is his big mouth. Every line he speaks has a censored word. He can add dual meaning even into a spiritual debate. Anything he said, we would split into a loud laugh gathering everybody’s attention. With all these speech abilities, he also was very encouraging. He kept boosting my enthusiasm to get into every IJP [Internal Job Preference] offered by the company. He did motivate me during the rough times of my career.

Charlie and His Angels

Everybody who knew us would call him Charlie and us (that includes Annu, Akila and Me) as his angels because we would make his mission impossible (OOPS…) I mean possible. All four of us put together were a torture to the whole team [especially Deepak, after he came back]. There’s no one day when we haven’t cried… laughing.

John, Kiran and me shared a very special bond. We understood each other without even saying a word. Whenever John and I fought, it would be Kiran who’s running for life (as both of us used to show all our frustrations on him) we knew life would take us in different directions, yet hoped to be as strong as a group we were, in our own path of life.

Life took its own direction and we parted for good. John was the first to move out. Next was Akila, then It was Kiran’s turn. And then Beena left, Then Annu and many more. I stayed there for long, waiting for everything to fall into place and bring back those happier moments again. It was a long wait. It was a big vacuum in my life. I had everything that I wanted, but nothing I needed. I realized AOL was not anymore for me. I didn’t enjoy it anymore. Every body who I wanted had gone. And who ever remained I hated them. Finally, I quit. There ends my AOL’s journey.

Anyways, Kiran is still the same after so many years. We still talk to each other, but very rarely, rarer than John. But Kiran’s a Sweetheart.

I miss you Kiran, Thanks for being my Friend

Friends @ AOL – John Jogy

Milestones of My Life – Friends

At AOL, Recruitment took place almost everyday for different departments. As and when the company grew, the teams also started growing [from 8 consultants to 10 and to 16]. New recruits came joined our team too. At the same time there were a few peers who left the team as they got promoted or moved on to a new company.

That is when I met John and Kiran. Not everybody becomes my Friend, but once you do, it is for a lifetime. John is one such human being, who’s influenced my life tremendously. He was so determined about what ever he did. He was so serious about life. He was an introvert and is even today. He was short tempered. He made his own rules. Once he decides to do something that’s it. Example: If he decides not to pick your call after a silly misunderstanding, no matter what he wouldn’t and tortures without picking up the phone even if you call him 100 times an hour (Especially when you want to say sorry).

John had joined our team and I was his mentor. I felt he was too old to be mentored. Akila and I called him uncle behind his back. I don’t know how we got along, but we became very good friends. We have shared a lot of secrets of our lives; we have cried cause of those uncontrollable laughs about a silly joke. We have envied a lot of friends [Deepak mostly, especially Akila… I don’t know they didn’t get along with each other… even today, they don’t want to talk about each other].The time we spent at cafeteria and meeting at Coffee Day, in the mall at ITPL, many more cherished memories. Then something happened. John had to move out of the department. It made us very sad. Life changed all together. It was like a new season of your favorite show, curious to watch it but missed the old charm. He quit AOL and joined IBM. In a few months he got married, and moved to UK.

While I’m writing this, John messaged me saying he’s coming to India for a vacation. And we planned to meet.

Life is very different now [for both of us] the last time we met [just both of us] was at Coffee Day in 2006. This time when we met we had a life’s baggage, Our Kids. I have one and he has two [twins] John has changed so much. He is soft spoken, very gentle, very responsible and a lot of patience. I was surprised to see him calmly pacify his son who was crying for a toy car. He so skillfully managed both the kids and fed them without any hustle, while I was juggling between my hand bag and my daughter. I think he managed the kids better than me. Life has really tamed him a lot. What ever he is, he is still a wonderful person. .
Thanks for being my Friend.

Friends @ AOL – Akhila Prashanth

In the beginning Akila looked out of place for a call center. She always wore salwaars, a whole lot of bangles clinging her hands, oiled tresses; she would eat only curd rice during our team lunches and never joined us on team outings.

After Annu moved to Quality Department, Akila and I bonded well as we were the only girls in the team. At that time we were in the evening shift [6.00 pm] we would finish our shift by 3.30 am in the morning. The Last day of the week would always be an outing of our own type. We would go to the Coffee Day at the Basement and chat until the day breaks. We have spent a lot of money in coffee Day than on our makeup. Not just money, we spent so much time in Coffee day, the saying “warming the couches” must be changed to “burnt the couches”. She always drank Tropical Iceberg and I ordered Cappuccino. One more place that was open all around the clock at the IT Park was the Sandwich store. We ate cheese sandwiches there. We would buy takeaways and wander all around the mall and sit down at the water fall fountain and talk, talk and talk. I don’t remember what we spoke, but I know those are some of the best moments of my Life.

More than being good to each other, we have always fought and hung up on each other. One of the reasons for me to not have a boyfriend at AOL is Akila… She would envy every body who got closer to me (even the girls). She was very possessive about me. She would pick up fights or pass comments at them. But these never hurt me. I too liked her and I couldn’t say or do anything about it. John and I were good friends and Akila would pick up fights with him all the time.

One incident that’s memorable was when we all [THE WHOLE TEAM] decided to go for a break for breakfast. Akila didn’t like the idea, because John and I made the plan. She deliberately extended the call and asked me wait until she finishes the call. But I logged out. I didn’t wait for her, as I made the plan and didn’t want the other guys to wait. She came up when we had almost done with our breakfast and made a huge fuss about not waiting for her and screamed at me, John, Kiran.

She has gone through a lot in her life. Yet, she’s all smiles and lively. She recently got married. I am happy as I was part of that special occasion of her life. May god bless her with all that she wishes for…

Milestones of my Life – Friends @ AOL

Friends @ AOL – Sunitha and Annu

Though Sunitha and I had little time at AOL, we bonded big time. We always got pull each other’s leg, especially Annu. There were a lot of similarities between the three of us.

Sunitha moved out of AOL, within months we shifted to Morning shifts. She joined Thomson Reuters. Her office was located at MG Road then [MG Road, then looked so very majestic and beautiful]. We used to meet each other on a regular basis. I had bought a bike by then so we went out a lot of times. We met at Bangalore Central during the weekends and lunch at various Multi cuisine restaurants [they both were non veggies] at Indra Nagar. I got to see a lot of other side of Bangalore because of them.. The most annoying part was to wait for Annu, she was always late by 2 hours.

They thought me how to manage my funds, how to invest money and the difference between want and necessity. At first I found them to be stingy. I would lavishly spend money on stupid things. For me the money that I earned was my present, but they planned their future with it. When I learnt that it was astonishing because I thought it was my man’s concern as he would be the bread earner in the family. They explained to me various aspects of life after marriage. Not just that, they also supported their family and that was a proud feeling.

Though we are not regularly in touch with each other, we still are good friends.

Friends @ AOL – Beena Patel

Milestones of My Life – Friends @ AOL

Beena Patel was my team mate. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I know her from my OJT days. She made the best impression that day and it continues to be the same till date. She made me feel as a part of the family. When I joined Deepak’s team,

Except for Beena, it was an all boys team. For an introvert like me [then…] it would have been very difficult or may be I wouldn’t stay there if she wasn’t around. Beena is always smiling and happy. She is a bundle of energy and loads of knowledge. She‘s pretty, ambitious, yet suave and friendly with every one.

Everybody liked her, everybody wanted to befriend her. I was very lucky to have Beena in my team, for I enjoyed the recognition I got when I was around her. Everybody on the floor knew Beena, and everybody wanted to know who ever hang around with her. It was prestigious I should say.

For me, Work was just a time pass, a means to financial independence. Beena changed that perspective for me. She told me it wasn’t just work, it was a profession, you could make a career out of it and give a different meaning to life altogether. I visualized life in a different angle. I had determined that work was temporary, and getting married and taking up marital responsibilities were the main criteria of girl’s life. But, Beena described it with a new meaning. Not just responsibilities at home, but I realized I could take responsibilities for the organization I work. She treated me like a little sister [although she is younger to me] and guided me, which showed an upward improvement in my career graph.

Not just my profession, I have learn t a lot personally too. I learn t a lot of etiquette s; I acquired a lot of positivity in my appearance, in my approach towards people, in relationships, in my career. We still talk to each other, we still share little secrets and will continue to be.

Friends @ AOL – Prabath Kashi

Prabath is a Party animal. He’s this small boy next door kind of a guy. He’s in his 30s now, but still looks like a college going guy. He must thank his genes for it.

The first day I saw him in the cab, He carried those funky bag, shortly trimmed hair and a pink formal shirt, he looked like a young boy for the first day to his college. I thought him to be fresher and growled at him for being late [I found out later, he was 1 year tenure at AOL]. He didn’t reply. As days passed by, He started interacting with the other guys in the cab, but not with me. Later he told me he was scared of me as I was harsh to him on the first day. I don’t know when and how, but we became very close to each other, we had nick names for each other. I have cried to him many times, when I was upset with my work, about my marriage proposals, and lot more issues. We used to fight as lot too, for silly reasons.

Prabath loved to take me out and show off his girl handling skills and etiquettes. He loved his gadgets, especially the windows phone he had. He quit AOL when we became very good friends. It was hurting. I used to cry when our shifts changed at AOL, imagine, how I felt when he quit AOL.

He planned a trip on my 23rd Birthday. We had gone to AMbli Resorts at Mysore. They brought cake and we had a good lunch, enjoyed their till the evening. That’s one birthday I felt so special and it is necessary to celebrate that special day in a way which make you feel special all day. From then on, I make sure I do something that will make the whole day special.