Where’s May Photo Theme?

I was on vacation for the whole month and totally forgot about theme Photography 😦

I’ll add them anyways. Shall make place.


June Photo Theme: Journey – Post 2

Cages, barred, wired… Whatever, I’ll walk my path with the same passion.

This is a path way towards the caves of  Bababudangiri Hills, one of the highest peaks of Western ghats in Karnataka.


Its so weird, sometimes I behave like its my responsibility to take care of everyone around me. I take it upon myself  to safeguard my loved ones from the evil of the world. 

I forget they’re individuals and can take care of themselves, that if they make a statement, its their responsibility to face the consequences. 

Today, one such incident happened and I didn’t wait for the consequences. I assumed that things would go out of hand, if I don’t interfere and I was all over the place. Until, I was facepalmed. 

It was then I realised, I had crossed the limit. My love for the person was actually suffocating. Sometimes, you need to be slapped across the face, to be woken upto reality. 

February Photo Theme: Love

So, my resolution is going according to the plan so far.

For February, I chose Love and its obvious because of Valentine’s Day. The day isn’t any different than others to me, yet, February always rings a bell for Love.

Now, Love wouldn’t mean only romance to me. I would be adding photos of all kinds of Love. To start with…


I shot this picture on a weekend, on a busy road. This guy, was admiring the girl the whole time. One could feel the Love in the air. The whole time, they stood there, he held her very close to him and acknowledged whatever she was was saying. I liked the innocent admiration.