To Good Health!

I’m 34 now. I call this period as Middle age of my Life.

I don’t believe i will live up-to to see my 80’s. Given the life style i am living, the pollution, stress and the food we eat, I don’t think I will cross 60. If i do, I’m lucky.

I don’t know much about my previous generations, but my Mom, Dad, Uncles and Aunts, Grand parents, haven’t had a very healthy life. Everyone’s suffering from or died of illness. I would assume, carrying their genes, I would also face a similar health issues.

I have come to terms with my health.  I will take care of it as much as possible and in-turn have a quality of life until I’m alive.

Fat is an adjective that describes me from my childhood. I remember my cousins, friends from school, college, called me fat, even when I was actually not as heavy as I’m today. Since then, I’m conscious about my weight and I still am. Its not that I’m lazy, may be I’m lazy, or… It wasn’t of a concern until now.

Losing weight is not for looking good anymore. Its regarding my health now. the extra kilos have started taking toll on my health, nothing major, but I can sense it. I want to start taking care of my health before its too late.

As the first steps, I have started healthy eating. I cook at home, 3 meals a day. We are not ordering food or dining out so often now. [we used to dine out every weekend and order something in between. It had been a routine. D and me love spicy food. we ate to relish the taste and also was lethargic to cook all the time and hardly thought about healthy eating.]

I still love the roadside Savories and Ice-creams, but have limited it. I have also started with an hour of Walking.

I want to be steady than hurry up the process and lose interest. Not a good habit for my age…




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