Mid Year Resolutions!

All of a sudden I remember, half of the year has gone by. I suddenly feel an anxiety about not accomplishing something, a rush to towards some unnamed goal.

Does it happen to every one? It happens to me twice every year. Once, somewhere around June and July, when I realize half of the year is gone by and I havent even started with my new year resolutions and once in January, close to my birthday, thinking I would be a year older and have nothing to show in my accomplishments list.

I havent made in resolutions for this year, well I should say, announced any, although have so many in my head. SO this Half yearly anxiety has hit me this week and I’m getting a little worried about them.

Based on this Mid Year Crisis, I have picked up a few resolutions that are prominently bugging me.

And the List goes on like this…

  1. Weight Loss [that has been No: 1 issue all through my life, but now, I’m more concerned with regards to health]
  2. Business growth. [I run a candle business from home, I’m still at hobby stage, want to take it up to next level]
  3. Photography [Talking about hobbies, Photography has taken a backseat this year. I almost didn’t take it out of the bag for months.]
  4. Blog [I havent been regular at blogging, nowadays. Want to do it more often]

SO these are some of the things causing my MYC.

I have come up with a few thoughts about how I will resolve these issues. Let me how long and how well I will go with it.

Will be back soon with updates.. CIAO!!


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