Missing… You!

So, this is about a friend, who has disappeared. He just decided to vanish from my world. Reasons unknown.

JJ and Me are good friends [real good friends… no strings attached]; his friendship meant a lot to me. I met JJ at work. we both worked in the same team. I don’t remember a situation or a day that bonded us, but a lot of people envied our friendship. JJ is matured and smart, unlike me. He’s a man of few words, but whatever little he spoke meant a lot.After he got married, he moved out of India. He lives in a far off land from mine, but I never missed him. Thanks to technology like emails, Facebook and Whats app, that kept us in touch.

And one fine day, he decides to hide, go missing, just vanish. Barring all communication, without even leaving a note. Any type of communication or contact is a dead end. I messaged, wrote emails, called his number, even a few friends tried to reason… but no. Its just a dark dead end.

Its been over a year, since JJ’s absconding and I’m still trying figure out what went wrong. I always think it must be me, when some relationships go sour. I think, maybe I could have been more active, more empathizing, more reaching out, to keep it going. I sulk, I cry, I’m depressed. For over a year now, I’m still fighting my memory to recall of any incidents that would have caused the rift. I have no clue. When in panic or pain, all bad thoughts surround you making things worst. That’s scarier. I think if he’s sick and he’s trying to hide. Maybe he’s stressed up with lot of work, or maybe, his wife is too possessive to relate to our friendship. or its just that he lost his phone and lost my number too.

After thinking, pondering, sulking, I realize, some questions just don’t have answers. Somethings are just meant to be.

Now, I think I deserve an answer, a reason or at-least a decent bye, if you just had to walk away. Cmon… I’m a good person. I have been a good friend and I deserve it.


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