Savior In Death

Harish Nanjappa will remain in my memories for a very long time. Simply because he has given a true meaning to humanity by donating his eyes just before his death. So, what’s the big deal? You may ask…


Harish Nanjappa was 22 years old. A 10 + 2 pass out. Coming from a village background, his life is nothing fancy. He lost his dad when he was very young and his mother fends for her two children working in the 1 acre land they own. They had debts and also dreams.

Harish, off late worked in a private company in Bengaluru, while his mother lived in a near by village. He traveled to the village during the weekend to help his mother in their fields. Ill-fated Harish went to his native that weekend to cast his vote for a local Election. Stayed with his mother until Monday, and Tuesday early morning, he left to Bangalore to resume work. That’s when his luck turned sour.

Harish was travelling in his bike on a highway towards Bengaluru. A truck tried to overtake him, which caused panic and Harish fell off the bike. While trying to apply the brakes, one of the wheels of the Truck burst and the metal inside the wheel sliced Harish’s body into two pieces. The incident itself is so gruesome, but what happened following this is so heart wrenching… Harish lay there for 20 minutes begging for help and the so called humans around didn’t bother to help, rather, tried to make videos and take photos of his sufferings.

For a good 20 minutes, Harish was lying in the pool of blood, asking for help. That’s not all… Being alive, with only half of his body left, it itself  is a miracle. Upon that. he was still thinking right. He gave phone numbers of his family members, so they could be informed about the situation. Asked the people around him for help, to call for an ambulance. One of the passersby did call his uncle and gave them the details of the situation.

When the ambulance arrived, it was almost 20 minutes past the accident. When the Driver of the Ambulance picked up Harish’s torso onto the stretcher, probably that’s when Harish came to terms with the situation. Harish had made up his mind, that he wouldn’t survive. But he wouldn’t want to give up either. Rather than fighting to survive, he probably decided he would put his life to a better use by donating his organs. It is said that he whispered into the Paramedic’s ears, that he would like to donate his eyes and the organs that are intact, while he was moved into the ambulance and the remaining journey to the hospital was in silence. Probably, he saw his life spent, in a flash and felt contended about doing good before he left this world. Harish was declared dead when he reached hospital.

What makes Harish memorable to me, is his presence of mind. His practical thinking. His selflessness to donate whatever is left of him. He makes more sense than any of the moral science classes I attended during my school days,than my teachers, than the religious gurus, or any inspirational talks that I watch on the internet. You are cut in half, the pain is excruciating, you are bleeding in terms of gallons/litres… and you are still thinking of helping someone whom you don’t know, you’ve never met in  your lifetime, probably never meet again. You wont even know who benefited from you. yet you think of donating your own organs, not money, not property, but your own body parts so it could help someone live their life with less pain.

And here we are, with everything physically in place, intact, we fight for something perishable. Something that didn’t belong to us in first place. With so much hatred towards our own kith and kin. Trying to kill each other for power, while we don’t even know if we are going to wake up the next morning, or stay alive the next hour.

This incident is so profound, it has taught me a lesson for a lifetime. I dont know if I can be so selfless as Harish, but every time I’m selfish, Harish will strike my mind, reminding me, helping me think if its really worth the fight.

I attached the video and deleted it later, as its such a horrific incident. I want to remember Harish as in the pic above. If you still want to see the video, search for it on Youtube.



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