I have so many things to write… so many thoughts to put on paper… either the thoughts strike when my hands are busy, or i go dumb when I have the time to write.

I have been very busy with Valentine’s Day sales this year. I’m proud of the initiative I have taken to improve my Business. Still, I strive to make a regular sales. I’m trying my best with whatever order I get.  For 6 years, I have a handful of loyal customers. Also I have also lost prospective customers due to my stupidity.


Life seems less simplified nowadays. Matters that bothered once seem to be silly now. People whom I was tagging with seem less important today. Family means more. love my husband for all that he has done. Daughter isn’t a toddler anymore. I understand my parents better. Whatever they said then, make a meaningful life. My sis is happy with her choice of marriage and and parents are convinced too. In laws are the known devils. Their presence is felt, but doesn’t scare me much.

Somethings still bother, they haunt. But, nothing to hold back.

Saying sorry is more easy now. Letting things go is less painful. Wanting and cravings have reduced. Clothes and Jewellery aren’t the things I value anymore. Somebody unknown’s suffering brings a tear. Helping, sharing and donating brings peace to the heart.

Relaxing for 10 mins is a blessing. Finding time for it is an adventure. Health is of utmost importance. Weight, Exercise… as usual, is still an unsolved mystery. I, Me, Myself seems greedy. Us, we are in trend now.

Is this how Life’s  meant to be after 30s?



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