New Year…



So… 2016.

Again a new Year, a new look towards Life. Like everyone, I too am looking forward for a good year and want to make the most of it. Although, I would say, I have no resolutions, I do have a few agendas for this year too.

Every year, I make resolutions, promises, some life style changes. This year I have started without any of these. I want to take life as it comes. Stop making rules and imposing it on myself.

I just didn’t age but, I have matured in many folds of my life in 2015. The previous year has taught me a lot of things.¬† I see life in a new perspective. A lot of things that mattered to me are now just stupid wants of life. What I ignored many a times mean a lot to me now.

Personally,my anger has toned down a lot. its completely under control. I have subconsciously learned to control my thoughts and hold myself from blurting out everything I think. The mother in me has learn’t a lot of patience and learned to love more, but the wife in me is still fighting for the love and identity. The Entrepreneur in me, is working hard to improve the quality of my products. Customer satisfaction values more than my profit.

I had a lot of fun in the beginning of the year with two marriages within the family. I also witnessed the bitterness of jealousy within the family. I learnt who matters and how much I matter to certain people around me. I have picked up values and qualities that would improve me as a good human being.

I met many friends, spent a lot of time with them. I also miss a friend very dear to my heart.

Health is a concern. I fell ill, went to doctors innumerable times, admitted to hospital. still fighting Obesity.

Last year is past now. Trying to improve the present.




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