Waiting For Karma…

There’s so much negativity around… I didn’t want to start the post with this sentence, but, it’s just unbearable. Not just me, there are so many victims.

How can you be so rude to someone? You can’t just say you’re talking your mind and blabber harsh words at another person. I’m happy you speak what you think, but sometimes, you just have to hold your thought in your mind before you blurt. The other person you are talking about does have a heart, do have feelings and excuse me, spare some respect. They mean something more to someone else. You just can’t put them down in front of their loved ones, just because you thought so about that person.


And, it just occurred to me that, your words made me think what you are made up off, and I would want to speak my mind too. But, my soul just stopped me, tells me, you don’t have to stoop down to the level, where you regret your own thoughts. So, I sit back and wait. I wait for Karma to take in charge of your action.


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