Beep Beep Boop

This is what’s happening in the small area of my grey matter assigned to writing!

I am at a stage where I need to re learn typing.

I actually stopped blogging for the want of writing. Ya, writing… Literally, in a Book, with a pen.

Well, what do you think? To begin with I wrote a few pages in a single day, with shabby handwriting and all non sense matter. As the days passed by, my writings became shorter and handwriting improved a little. Then, slowly declined interest put a full stop to writing. It was probably an anxious decision made to overcome the fetish of Dairies, Notebooks and pens I have. (its so bad, I was almost stealing dairies from my close ones… They had started hiding them from me)

I don’t know why?, I feel I’m getting dumber by the age. I forget a lot of things, I run around sticking notes everywhere in the house. I sometimes forget, why i went into a particular room, comeback only to recall why I was there. I’m not that old though. I’m just 33. I don’t think I would leave to see my 80’s, but if i did (I’m sure not gonna remember that I said this… chuckle) I would sure be a Dementia patient and my grand children cursing me for my existence.

So now wondering, again, about what I actually wanted to write, I end this post. Maybe, I’ll come back in a few minutes when I actually remember.


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