Part of Us.

We had been out shopping yesterday. So..? Well,  without my daughter.  What’s new? She was on her own (almost) at our home with her grand father around(just supervision).

This is not new for most of my friends,  but for us we have been carrying her around ever since she was 3 months old.  No matter how difficult it has been or if we had to cut short our shopping,  she was with us all the time.


This time it was only both of us,  walking hand in hand on the busy roads of the Market. But all that we talked and laughed about was our daughter.  We bought a lot of things she would ask for if she was around, things that we would have said no to when “she” asked for it.

We talked about today’s generation who are not ready to start a family, come up with silly reasons like cannot take the responsibility, not yet settled with their careers, cannot give up well paying jobs, some so silly that they are too conscious about their bodies.

We also spoke about a few relatives who have two or three kids just because they have so much money and can afford many children. Some say, since they cannot spend time with their child, they have a second child for the first ones company.

How bizarre people can think.

We realised we too had a child beacuse of our parents pressure and want to finish off with that part of life too.

But by the end of the day we realised how important she is and how our lives revolved around her. We concluded how lucky we were to have a healthy child and not worry about her future.


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