Love Indeed

Its 9 am in the morning. I made up my mind, I will write today. I have to dedicate a day in a week, an hour that day to write. I am less frequent here nowadays.

Life has so many surprises for you. Mine came in a form of a camera. Yup, I might sound silly or exaggerating a small matter, but there is lot to it. My sister and a brother together, gifted me a camera [a DSLR]. There was no occasion, there was no obligation, yet they thought I deserved it without any reason. Well, yes I did want to buy one, but, I knew it was not a necessity. In fact I wondered if I deserved it in the first place.

The thought of holding a DSLR in my hand was itself so thrilling. Though I was tempted to buy one, I would always hold myself by excuses like, it’s too costly, or I wouldn’t be using it as much and stuff. My sister surprised me with one that day. She told me it was a gift from her and a loving brother of mine. That moment brought so much of happiness to me. I was speechless.

But it was only for a while. The camera itself didn’t give me so much pleasure. It started to sink in to me that it wasn’t the camera that made me happy. It was their overwhelming love for me that made my dream a reality. I sat up the whole night wondering what made them think I deserved a costly gift without an occasion. What did I do so special that made them think I deserve this? I realized it was love that’s bonding us together.

I also realized life is more than the daily regressions, wants and necessities. Life is about loving someone unconditionally, bonding beyond boundaries. It’s not about what you do, but what you did.

I still haven’t realized what I did to deserve this. Hope they’ll let me know one day.



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