Sorry… Where Was I?

It’s been a long time, I made some time for writing. My hands lost control of the keyboard and finger lost touch of the pens. I have so many thoughts to put down on paper and put to rest, but, Life has one thing or thr other coming up, keeping me busy.

I wish I had a cup of hot coffee to sip on with those beautiful songs playing in the background.

[I get up for a coffee and see the messy room around me… my mind shifts from writing to coffee and from there to take up cleaning. Pause… I realize I need to write. My bloods throbbing with words, my muscles aching for caffeine… I stand there for minute with a blank mind. “F**k the mess, I am getting the coffee” I say to myself loudly and walk out of the room. 10 mins later I am busy cleaning the kitchen and suddenly realize I was here for a cup of coffee, with my monitor running those beautiful photos of my daughter as a screensaver and songs nostalgic… again I tell myself, now in my mind, that things cant be so… I need to help myself. Help myself to be organized.

The coffee tastes as good as it smells… I admire the cup. It is dark brown with a golden line on the ends. It’s an antic piece and only one piece. Its DK’s grandfather’s set. How I inherited it? It was lying dusty in our showcase. I brought them out and I own it now… I sit down in front of the monitor and gasp… Its been half an hour and I have only 3 lines.

Wow! Ok, wait a min, what was that I wanted to write. I really don’t know. The caffeine in the blood has just relived me from all the stress. I stop worrying, I save the work. I Log out of Word press and login to Facebook.  ]


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