Sunday Soul Sante

It had been a long time, I went to a fair. This one was more chick than the others. I had a hidden agenda though.

I love creativity, even if it’s copied. I like creative people too. I like to befriend them and learn about what art means to them. It can be drawing, origami, painting, recycling old stuff or photography, poetry, story writing or telling, what ever it may be… cooking!. Then you might think, everybody I meet would be an artist with the vague list I have mentioned. No…. not everyone is an artist. Some people are so dumb when it comes to art. Example, My hubby. I’m not calling him dumb, but if you rate him for an art quotient he can go below zero. He’s a Mechie [Mechanical Engineer] he draws structures on Auto-cad, but that’s about it. Any free hand drawing from him would be a clutter, a Jigsaw Puzzle. You can’t put things together at all. My daughter and me always make fun of him.

Anyways the topic was, I wanted to meet this lady who’s very creative. By profession she’s a Fashion Designer. She works as a trainer in leading Fashion Institute and also owns a boutique. Other than that she’s very good at creative art. She makes murals on bottles [yes… Alcohol bottles, mostly wine] and Jewelry making and carving and terracotta items, wow a lot more. I am impressed by her bottle art. I want to learn that. The problem was I couldn’t get in touch with her. I found out that she was exhibiting her items at this Sunday Soul Sante and so I decided to visit this fair.

Though the motive was meeting her, I was surprised by the crowd that was present there and their shopping spree. I also loved the art ideas people brought in. I don’t have much photos coz I’m a shy clicker, I managed to get a few. Here they are…

BonsaiIt’s amazing to see people including plants as an exhibit in a fair. Look how far we have come.


The glow lights made of Bamboo tokri with LED lights.





There were lot more things available from Candies, to cup cakes to clothes, shoes, recycle paper books and lot of stuff. These are a few things that drew me to stalls. Anyways, I found the person I was looking far. It was pleasure meeting her. The other advantage was I have decided that i will also have a stall too in the next fair. What will I EXHIBIT? Helloooooo….. I make candles, Beautiful ones.


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