Birds I Shot!

This was the laziest post I have posted until yesterday.

I just went ahead and uploaded a few photos and very lazy to write  my thoughts about them. But the amount of likes I got has amazed me. SO Here I’m updating this post.


Scaly Breasted Munia

This was one to remember. We had been on a picnic and were having Lunch in the open. This bird was making a lot of noise and frantically flying around. I waited there for a long time to shoot it. I realized it was building a nest with grass and leaves on the tree I was standing right below.



We are at Varnad. Goddess Annapurna is the deity here, known as God of Food. Nobody returns hungry from this place. Ironical is the picture, where the mother sparrow is feeding its young one.



This one was shot in Sakleshpur, Karnataka. It was a family trip, a group of 25 people. I found a family of Magpie on one of the trees, I couldn’t get the shot of it since the branch was too high. I guess this bird is the bread earner, which kept flying around and returning back to nest with food every few minutes.


Common Duck

These cute looking birds were shot a Lake Park.



There are many owls in the surroundings of My mom’s House. Some cute and shy ones and some scary. There were no lights around but I could see only the eyes. I shot in the dark and got this beautiful photo.


Pond Heron

We were at a beach, again on a holiday. Our room was very close to the beach. This bird was perched on a Pine tree very close to our room. This was my easiest Bird Shot so far.


Red Whiskered Bulbul

This bird was shot during those times when I had newly discovered the passion of Photography. I had gone hunting for birds in the park.


Double Crested Cormorant

We were traveling to Kerala and on the way, there’s a big lake. The trees beside the lake were filled with huge cranes, ducks and birds from cormorant family.  My hubby didn’t stop the car as we were already late. I fought with him all through the journey and we stopped on our way back home. That is when I shot this bird.


Piping Plover

There were hundreds of these on the beach. They are very shy and sensitive hearing. With my cousin along, we went on an early morning walk on the beach and found these birds on a rock, waiting for the prey.


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