Happy New Year!


A very Happy New Year to all!

I am a little late but, I’m still in the party mood.

Things have been pretty good last year. I cried less and laughed a little more. I whined a lot but learnt a lot too. I saw my daughter grow and our marriage mature. I made a little more money from the business too. Overall it was a very happy personal year.

A few things bothering me were the social issues. The Nithyanada Scandal hogging all the media attention most the year, The Delhi gang rape at the end of the year and something I feared was the doomsday.

I also dreaded about the Doomsday thing. This was been so much on media, from almost over a year now. I knew the Earth wouldn’t some to an end, but I thought there would be major traumas and natural calamities all around the world. [… like the one in Japan last year]. Its not that I wished for, it was that I dreaded about. The Tsunami in Japan had left me sore for a very long time. It‘s always there in my subconscious mind.

I think we are facing Doomsday in a logical way when you look at the crime and scams happening all over the world. I was hurt a lot with the Delhi Gang rape issue. I made me very sad because I have a daughter. I have to e worried because she is a girl. I need to protect her from this cruel world. I wish every parent who rejoice the birth of a son, would fear that their boy never becomes a rapist and teach him for the very beginning to respect and protect women. This world would be so much better of a place to live in.


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