Energies Of Life

Its 12 – 12 – 12 today. I or anybody else living on this earth today would see this date once in a life time. Thought I should do something different, something nice that I will feel happy about. So …

I called my friend who I had never spoken to for so many years. We had a short conversation but ended up so happy talking to each other. It made my day.

We all talk about missing somebody and not keeping in touch and think about how empty our life is without them and we ignore people who are beside us and constantly backing us in everything we do. It is because we take them for granted; we think they stay are stagnant there, but no. When its time, it’s all washed off and we stand there alone, craving to have said all that we were holding back, thanking them for being a part of your life and told them, He/she is one thing that we would never want to lose in my life. Its time we identify such energies around us and pay them their due.

I am breaking that shell. I’m coming out of it. I will make the attempt; I will take the first step and will stand beside them as they did for me.

This post is dedicated to all such energies of my Life, who transformed me from a mere living thing to a human being.


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