Friends for Life

I so want to start off with my Christmas Project. I have just ordered for a few molds, hope I’ll get them soon, so I can start off with it.

Mean while, I saw my ex best friend’s photo on FB. [Yup… ex is the latest prefix which can be added to anything that’s exhausted (in) your life] It reminded me of so many things and let me wondering about who is my current Best friend? Or do I even have one, a real one, a physical one? I have been thinking about it all through the day now… I don’t have a best friend, or a close friend or just a friend, who physically can be present with me, a friend whom I can meet up for Lunch, a Dinner or even for a coffee.

I am feeling so weird about it.  Is it possible for a person to be without a friend? I know, they are called loners and losers, I’m not talking about them, they are of a different kind. I am talking about people like me, I mean; I’m not a lunatic, or an introvert or whatever… I did have a few who now, are busy with their own life and a few, I lost them myself. It’s weird, but it’s the truth.

So, if I have a situation [none that I can think of] and I want to tell somebody about it, who would I tell that too? Like “Meredith for Christina – in Grey’s Anatomy” or “Rachel for Monica – in Friends” or “Garfield for John – in Garfield”. I may talk to my hubby, mom or my sis. But there are some things that cannot be shared with them, then?

Those lil secrets sink deep inside me. [Sob… yeah seriously, I’m feeling bad writing this]

[After a pause and deep breathe] My Life Sucks…

Yeah, I said that.

[After a few minutes of staring at the keyboard until my vision goes completely blur… I’m woken up from my sulking by my father in law’s ringing phone]

What the Heck? Yes I don’t have a physical friend, so what? I have friends online from all over the world, who have been my grand support in whatever I do. They like all my stupid posts, shared links, my photos, my candles. What more can I ask for. Everybody cannot have everything. And everything we have in this small life is precious.

Its part of life to sow, to grow and one day wither… [Did I write that? Wow]


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