Soul Searching!

Many a times I wonder, why all this is happening to me. Recently, when I fell ill [Respiratory Tract Infection] and Doctors are still not able to find the cause for it, certain thoughts just rule my mind, like would I die out of tumor or a cancer which these doctors could not diagnose? It’s not what I want, but may the fear of death is the reason behind it.

Why would one fear of death, if that is what we would end up with? What is that makes us want to live more? Life is not just eat, sleep and die, then what does it want from me? Is it necessary to do something great for the society, country or the World we live in? If everybody is up to doing something great for the society then what is my necessity here? These questions are just like News Flashes on TV, but the actual quest is in finding what I have done for my…. Forget the World, Country or the society, what have I done for my parents, my in laws, my husband, my daughter that I am eligible to live this life?

Will I be able to find an answer to all these questions someday? Do I really need an answer? Or should I just let it go and continue to live my life as I’m doing today?

Maybe this is my Spiritual soul speaking or…. may be just a symptom of PMS


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