I’m Sick!

Okay… So I here I’m an irregular blogger. I tried my best to be up to date. I’m very bad at managing time, I’m Sorry. There were so many things to be noted but, I just find no time when I have thoughts brewing in my mind and am too tired when I wanted to write.

I have been very sick lately. I have been complaining about ear pains from a long time [it started in January] none of the doctors I visited so far could identify the problem. They ran so many tests, they put me on medications but nothing worked. One day I woke up with terrible ear pain, throat pain and headache. We visited our general physician, but he couldn’t do much. I had to see an expert. I went to Dr. Rudrappa’s ENT Clinic. [A well known ENT surgeon, with 40 years experience. He’s DK’s relative too] they diagnosed that I was suffering from Severe Lower Respiratory Tract Infection. Wow, sounds something serious isn’t it? Well, it was. I was supposed to be in bed rest for almost 2 weeks for it. Though the problem was internal, any physical movement would increase breathing causing severe cough and wouldn’t stop for anything. Even if I shift sides while sleeping I would end up draining my energy by severe cough. The cough was so bad, at the end of the day my whole facial muscles would spasm. Being a mom of a three year old and with no maids at hand was such a difficult situation. It’s been three weeks now and I’m still on medication. I do all my regular chores but, still restricted on doing strenuous jobs. I have even stopped attending Yoga classes. Simple pranayama would make me look like a Tuberculosis patient.

Hopefully I will get well soon. I have so many things to write about.


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