Welcome Birds!

DK wants to have a dog, a Golden Retriever. I hate that idea. He said he would train the dog so it won’t litter around the house. And my FIL is a vet. Its not just poop I’m talking about, it’s like another member. It needs constant attention; somebody has to stay at home all the time to take care of its basic necessities like its diet, grooming and poop walk, and stuff… which I’m sure will be upon me. I have experienced it all when I had a Pomeranian for seven years. So it’s a big NO from my side. I suggested Fish. DK doesn’t agree with me, coz, he’ll have to clean the tank and I remember once, he cleaned the tanks and the next day all the 19 fishes were dead. LOL.

My sis wanted to buy caged love birds for Nim. I was so against it. I don’t like to be locked up, then why have something, especially birds that are symbol of peace and freedom locked up in my home. That’s definitely a no no. I want my daughter to learn the good things in world; animals should be looked up with compassion and love not brutality.

While all these discussions were going on, I received an SMS from a friend about providing water to the birds and animals as the temperature is rising day by day. So, I talked to my daughter about making a small Bird pool on the terrace, as we have lot of birds in our neighboring trees, Dhruva came up with the idea of placing some grains along with it, and so we can foster feed the birds. We came to a conclusion that these birds would be Nim’s pets from now on…

So we placed a small bowl of water and another filled with grains. And the wait began. It took five long days to attract the birds and Nim had already given up. And the first member of the club is a pigeon. Nim was so thrilled and so was I.


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