An Overwhelming Note – 2

Here’s another email about the our kids…

Bill says…

The kids here in India are amazingly healthy and good-looking. I snapped this picture of a kid as our bus went past. 
Some of the best wedding photos were the kids with big smiles and wonderful nature. Tantrums were nowhere to be seen, and I can’t recall seeing a kid carrying on in such a way that I though ‘that parent should give the kid a whack’. Can’t say that about Australian kids, I’m sorry. A lot of Australian and English kids should have been drowned at birth, followed by the parents.
Indian people and their kids eat a healthy diet, almost exclusively vegetarian. Chocolate and Coca-Cola are almost never eaten, very few things are deep fried, and McDonalds hasn’t corrupted their eating habits yet.
Sweets are taken at start of the meal, not left to stick in the mouth until brushing time. Usually the sweets are simply a custard or sweet rice, not the chocolate puddings and ice cream we eat in Australia.
The whites of the kids eyes are vividly clear, their teeth are white and evenly spaced and they have lovely clear olive skin. The teenagers look a lot healthier than our Australian kids, fewer pimples and less chubbiness.
The parents don’t drink, only a very few smoke cigarettes, so I expect that these kids have a good start to life when the family is healthy.
We praise ourselves in Australia for having an advanced society, but I wonder by what means we measure ourselves. If it’s how much a week we earn or how big a TV set we can afford, we win.
If it’s how well we raise our kids, we lose by a mile.

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