This Valentines…

I had an amazing time with DK, this valentine. I did so many things that I haven’t done for any other Valentines. I had a great time. More than the celebrations it was the preparations that were thrilling. We did a lot of things that really were refreshing.

Our Valentines Day started a few hours before the actual day. DK had brought a nice bunch of flowers and cake for me the evening before. , he also surprised me with a Champaign bottle before we got into the bed. Nice time….

I had booked for a bunch of roses and a personal message to be delivered at DK’s office. He was really surprised. He didn’t expect me to be that romantic I guess. [But the buggers dropped a different bunch and a small card than what I had ordered. I’m so angry with them] He‘s a romantic amongst us. I am practical. Though such things make me happy, I have never tried to do the same for him. My surprises are straight, like the last time, I bought him a watch [he’s crazy about them], I took him to a store, I asked him to pick what he wants and I pay. Same thing when I bought him sunglasses, the previous year. But, I guess those didn’t give him that shy smile [of surprise] I saw this time when he got the flowers, so this was really new to me.

Then, on 14th, I went to the parlor, got a new haircut and set a few curls, wow I loved my hair. [I have been spending a hell lot of money on my hair nowadays] then had a new dress to wear for the evening. DK called me from his office to tell me he was really surprised about the flowers he received and also was a shy to keep them on his table as his colleagues kept pulling his leg all day. In the evening, DK managed to get a reservation at a nice cozy corner of a good restaurant. It was a candle light dinner. The food tasted good. And so did he….

NO fights, no mess ups, it was a great day. I had so much fun.


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