Patch Up

We have been having problems for a few days now. So, I want to make up with DK this valentines’. I want to surprise him. [I intend to write this in advance coz, I’m sure he doesn’t read my blog] At first, I thought, I’ll send a bunch of flowers to his office, like he did to me during our courtship days. But then, I thought I’ll also check out for a few gifts online. I found one beautiful gift on a certain portal and was amused with it. It’s an unanticipated one.

It’s a transparent glass bottle with a personalized love letter accessorized with sand and sea shells and stuff. Very romantic you see. But the problem was they don’t ship it to India. [Do they think we are so unromantic, Hello! One of us wrote the infamous Kamasutra] whatever their reason, I’m feeling awful; I’m not able to get it for DK.

This is what I’m talking about…

A Love Letter in a Bottle

So I go searching for this gift on Indian Portals, but guess what I found. Heart Pillows [in 2 diff colors, pink and red], wallets, belts, chocolates, shirts, mugs, teddy bear, shaving sets [duh!] and even ghastly looking mouse pads [wondering who would gift a mouse pad to her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day] and sick stuff.

I guess romantic means only red, pink and roses to us Indians… Grow up people. Grrr……..


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