This Too Shall Pass…

I’m trying to write from past hour, but I have so many things to do when online. I had so many bills to pay and then had take printouts of Premium statements for our Insurances and check for order mails, and Facebook and Gmail… the list goes on.

My life’s moving very slowly. I have become lazy nowadays. I need motivation to do my daily chores. I am kind of running away from all the hard work.

I feel lethargic. I have so many things to do, rearrange the cupboards [as Nimisha got her own], her school projects, her scrap book, if this all seems to be difficult, imagine, I’m not able to complete the book I have started reading, its been over a month now, and I’m still finding no time, while all that I’m doing is trying to make time for all this stuff.

I try to see what can pep me up to have a happy day, but I can’t find a reason. Sometimes I think, I’ll go shopping, buy some stuff for myself, but I come home saying nothing was that interesting. It’s been long I have shot something nice, well; I haven’t picked up my camera for a month now. I don’t want to watch movies; Hotel food doesn’t taste good anymore. I don’t even feel like talking to mom, forget mom, I forget DK is around sometimes. My mind is blank.

I don’t even know if I’m healthy. I had audiometric done, my ear seems to be normal, but I still hear humming noise all the time. I missed my periods this month, lately; I have been having frequent headaches. I lose weight and gain it immediately, I goto the doctor and she cant find anything wrong, she gives me some calcium tablets just to pacify me.

I think of going to the parlor, indulge myself but again I don’t have hours spend there. I worry about leaving Nimisha. She too is bored of my laziness now.

Rather than enjoying life, I have been a complaint box. I hope I’ll come out of this situation. This too shall pass…














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