What to do of Candle Leftovers?

A few friends want to know to what to make of the candle leftovers in their candle stands and almost-finished-pillar candles. Well I have a few tips for them here.

The leftover candles [let’s call it wax here] can be re produced into beautiful candles again and take the credit of making them on your own.

Before we begin with the process, things you’ll need are:

Wick [you can use the stationary twain], mold [any metal or glass cup which is heat resistant], mold release [cooking oil], scissors, holder [ice-cream stick, a spoon], color [wax crayons – borrow them from children]

Container Candle

  1. If you have the candle leftovers of different color, make pieces of different sizes.
  2. Take a glass tumbler [an old one probably, which you may not want to reuse] and fill it up with the pieces of wax.
    • you can either mix the different colors or stack each color in layers
  3. Press the pieces of wax firmly into the tumbler.
  4. Now poke a hole in the center and insert the wick.

Your designer Container Candle is ready to use. As and when the wick burns, the wax would melt and get firmer. No mess only beautiful candle.

Pillar Candle

  1. Double boil the Candle Leftovers.
  2. Once the wax has completely melted, remove it from the heat.
  3. You can use the wax crayons to add colors.
    1. Always use one shade darker than the leftover wax.
    2. Keep stirring until the crayon has dissolved completely.
  4. Let the wax cool for a couple of minutes.
  5. Prepare your mold by applying some oil in the inside of the cup so the candle release is easier.
  6. Pour the wax into the mold.
  7. Insert the wick. Since the wax is still in liquid form, support the wick with a holder. [Place the Ice-cream stick horizontally over the cup and let the wick stand by it]
  8. Let the wax cool for 6 – 8 hours.
  9. Once it’s completely cooled, pull the candle out of the cup.

Your Candle’s ready to use.

Happy Candle Making!


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