Three Years… Three Cheers…

My daughter completed 3 years.

It’s been so quick, I am still trying to lose my pregnancy weight and she is already 3. She is the cutest baby in the whole world [its every mother’s notion].

She is well behaved, understanding, a little adamant and lot naughty. She is more of a friend to me. I don’t hide things from her, while I know most of the things I say goes bouncing over her head, but she behaves like she understood everything.

She is like a mirror to me. She reacts the same way as I do. She has all my good qualities and some bad ones too. I am happy when I see the good ones and I get a little apprehensive when I see the bad ones. But, I correct her and myself  immediately. I am a little strict with her as everybody else in the family pampers her way too much.

Her upbringing is planned. It’s not for today; it’s something that I want to imbibe in her, like the way it was done with me. I don’t like to hide things from her, at the same time; I want her to know things as per her age and her thought process. I answer all her questions promptly and am truthful as much as needed. I’m doing my best, but there are times when I feel I could have been better.

Nimisha was never a trouble maker, even as a baby, she had a routine from the beginning. She wasn’t a messy child when she started walking. If I recall it was never her growing days, it was me growing as a mother. I mean, she never troubled me with anything. For example, I started with a ‘Every 2 hour feeding plan’ form the day she was born and she had no problem with it. We started a solid food diet from the 4th month and she had no indigestion problem. I started her potty training when she was a month old [well potty training is a process… starting from scheduled timings to using the loo] and she followed it from the very next day. She has been so co operative in every step we took together. It was me who had problem accepting the new role. I was the one who was getting used to motherhood. Nimisha always behaved like an obedient student learning everything she was being taught.

My cousins have beautiful and well mannered children. When I hear stories from my cousins, about their methods of upbringing of their children, I get psyched up. They have so many rules and a lot of restrictions of what their kids do and don’t. I sometimes feel I’m not being as good a mother they are and I sometimes also feel that the child is not being what he/she is supposed to be. They are just acting upon their mother’s instructions, portraying to be nice and well behaved, deep inside they might want to do something, what a regular kid would do.

I never stop my child from playing in the sand, I never stop her from writing on the walls, I don’t restrict her from eating chocolates and don’t thrust fruits and vegetables into her mouth whether she like it or not. I tell her what is right and what is wrong and what a good girl would do in that situation. She grasps it immediately. There is no effort, it is easily put across.

I let her make her decision, but I make the list from what she has to make a choice, most of the times, I am asked what the point is? Well, the point here is, letting her know that I am here to guide her in making her selection and letting her know, what is the difference between good and the bad, between ‘Want’ and “Necessity’. I might be wrong in many ways, but its working with my daughter.

I hope I will grow up to be a good mother; my daughter has been already…


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