Four Years!!! Milestones Of My Life

I completed four years of Blogging on 27th of November.

most of the times frustration has been my subject, but I guess I have improved a lot in the way i have portrayed it. That’s what I feel, after I read a few posts from the past. I have also observed that there has been a lot of change in the attitude too. I have mellowed down,  I have learn t to see things from different perspectives. I have been successful in putting my opinion in matured and positive way. Its nice to see the change but, I still feel there is still so much scope for improvement.

I had never written anything before this. I knew friends who wrote dairies and found it so difficult to hide them from others. My friends hide their dairies to keep the strangers knowing their secrets, some wrote in codes and some burnt their dairies after writing them.  I never wrote because of the fear of leaking my secrets. I so wanted to write, but never dared to. In 2006, there was flare for blogging picked up all over like the Facebook now. Many of my friends spoke about it, especially about the privacy and  security.  So I thought I’ll give it a shot too. Blogging started as an experiment, but now, it has become a part of my life. I have to look at it at least once day, [I write or not, doesn’t matter].

My first experiment was with It was amazing but, it wasn’t as classy as WordPress is.  SO I got carried away and changed my loyalties to WordPress. Actually, It really doesn’t matter, They have just been a medium.Its my words that count for me. I was and am happy with both of them.

When I started it was just me, and now I have a few friends who have joined my journey. The fear of somebody reading my blogs had always been there, but now it has become my confidence. My friends have been very supportive and encouraging. I have also realized that my friends will love me for what I am.

So with this I aim to write such emotional recaps in future too and celebrate many more Anniversaries…


A special thanks to Prem for being there with me from the first day of my blogging! Thanks Prem.


One thought on “Four Years!!! Milestones Of My Life

  1. A journey of thousand miles begin with a single step….

    woow …. did i say those lines. my comments on ur first post is as classic as ur blog. 😉 But am overwhelmed at my name being mentioned. am very humbled and honored, but at the same time i feel i dont deserve that. Though i was reading all ur post , i hardly gave any valuable inputs or suggestions.

    But honestly ur blog has bought lot of joy n happiness. its not only about the contents, but ur style of writing, am still envious.
    Even though we dont meet each other, i can feel ur presence. Am happy that our friendship is still strong and growing, all thanks to this magnificent work of yours

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