Quite Mistaken!

To most of us who are born and brought up in Bengalooru… well, at least if you are a resident of Bengalooru for few years, [hmm… may be a few Rajyotsavas] would know who the King Kempegowda was.

Ok, I will go into a little detail on it as it’s the Rajyotsava month,

King Kempegowda I built the city Bengalooru. The story says Kempegowda conceived the idea of building a trading city which would eventually become his capital and thus took the permission from the Vijayanagara Empire who ruled Karnataka in that period and went ahead with it. The city was basically designed for trading and residence for the traders. The first harnessed place in Bengalooru was Doddapete [now Avenue Road] and chikkapete which still is ‘The’ trading place in Bengalooru. The books also say he built a huge mud fort around the city with eight gates [still partially seen at Magadi and Savandurga]. Kempegowda also built four watch towers around the city to mark how much the city would grow. [Like everyone knows it’s grown beyond Kempegowdas boundaries].

The reason I’m writing all this is because every time I pass Hudson Circle You would see a beautiful tower which I thought I should capture it on my camera and as I get a chance I would make a file photo of all the four and who knows it might become a monument in the museum with the metro coming up all over Bengalooru by the time my daughter grows up.

Well I was mistaken. I had mistaken this contemporary looking tower to be one of the originals. It was just a replica of the Kempegowda towers built by the city Corporation. I always wondered why Kempegowda wanted to limit the growth of Bengalooru to such small proximity.

But still I went ahead and shot it. Take a look.

A quick search on the net gave the locations of the towers as:

1. Near Mekhri circle

2. Inside Lalbagh park

3. Near Kempambudhi lake

4. Near Ulsoor lake

Being a native of Bengalooru, if I can make such silly mistakes, I’m really sorry for the thousands of people migrating to Bengalooru for being misinformed about most of the things here.



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