Power Yoga!

I guess I have made up my mind. It’s been a long journey of 3 years. When I was nine months Pregnant I weighed 82 kgs. I could hardly walk a few yards, but I was positive that I could get back to shape after the baby is born. I don’t have to work hard for it. My daughter was born and a week later, I still weighed 80. 2 kgs. Weight a minute [err… I mean wait] I just gave birth to a 6 pound baby with a 2.5 pound water bag around it and I still weigh so much? How can it be possible? My Doctor had a different story to tell and she suggested that I would lose weight gradually and I waited and waited for 2 long years, well I still am the same.

For The past year, I tried different types of Diet, but my weight just fluctuated sometimes I did lose weight, but I bounced back to where I started.

One morning I got up with a resolution and the determination to stand by it. I had already made up my mind [probably in my dreams] and I will check out all possible ways to lose weight. I made a list of things that would help me do so. My List was like this:

Diet: which I had failed a hundred times.

Liposuction: It’s the easiest way out, but too costly for me.

Thermo Therapy: this we will talk about more in detail…

Gym and Yoga

Since Liposuction would cost from 30,000 Indian Rupees to Lakhs, depending on the weight reduction plan u choose I have no option but to strike it off the list. I was somehow not comfortable about the idea of going to Gym, maybe because of the Male presence. [I would think of it, if I had a body to flaunt] secondly because the dress code there doesn’t suit my body type. [Well, I know I’m going there to shape up my body but the thought of me, looking like a block of tyres in the tracksuits makes me shrug].

I always used to wonder about these slimming agencies ad in the paper, in which people claim to have lost more than 15 kgs and above 10 inches around the body. I wanted to know if it was true. The best place to visit was VLCC. I went there and I met the counselor, who asked me to fill in certain details, mostly about my lifestyle and ran some diagnostics on me to make me feel guilty about me being fat. I’m sure I looked much fatter in her statistics than I really am [my weight actually is a kg lesser than what her machine showed] the lady at VLCC told me about Passive therapy, where machines and massages are used to breakdown the body fat with a prescribed diet. But the amount she charged me was too much for the therapy she offered and Dhruva doesn’t believe in all such therapies and was against it, so I ditched that Idea.

I had seen a poster with a number to contact to join Yoga classes they conducted near my house. I was hesitant, but I had no choice left but call them. I took three weeks to make up my mind to join the classes and that happened on the 2nd of November.

On the first day, the therapist thought me some simple breathing techniques, on second day little stretching asana and the third day, that’s today, had a whole hour session, where I sweat like a pig, yet felt good about it. There is something in exercising. I can’t describe it yet. I have already become conscious about what I eat and how much I eat. I have started to know my body; I know which part of my body needs rest and which part has been resting for too long. Even at my sessions, I have realized how much I can stretch and bend, what are my limits and what is required. I may sound overconfident, but it is just until you get to know your body. I feel my body is a different person. I feel so sorry about ignoring her for so long. But the good thing is she is very co operative. Though I have a little body pain after the stretching and bending, I feel energized and want to continue doing the good work. I really am concerned about my health.

I hope I continue exercising and have a positive impact on my hubby too… His body does need some exercise.

By the way, I found these few posts about how to keep going with the exercises:

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5 thoughts on “Power Yoga!

  1. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. many thanks

    • yetlearning says:

      HI, thanks for the compliment. The theme is one from the WordPress themes, which is freely available. DO check themes on your dashboard, I’m sure you would find good ones like the one i’m using.

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