Collection, Passion, Obsession

Well… I sit down with so many thoughts but end up being blank.

I was cleaning my cupboard. There is one shelf at the very bottom of the cupboard, which has my stationary. It’s mostly filled with Art materials and my obsession – Dairies. I just have a lot of them dating back to 1999. I don’t know why and how I got into the habit of collecting dairies. I just love them so much. I have even stolen it from my loved ones when they didn’t offer. I’m so obsessed with them.

From a regular government diary to Business dairies to personalised ones.. I have it all. I just love them so much. What I like the most about them is their soft leather covers, the color and texture of the pages inside. Sometimes its just the smell of that leather binding. I adore them so much that I remove them from the cupboard once in a while and stare them for I don’t know how long, feel the covers, smell the pages and  hug them tight before I put them back in.

I also have notepads of different sizes. I have pens, my hand bags oh how can I forget them and sea shells too… These stuff are something most of them do but I don’t know why I collect dairies. and I haven’t met any who collect dairies. Every Year it is a rule in my family, that anybody who gets dairy for the new year first thing to do is hide them from me. And I, hunt for them. My sister is literally scared of keeping one out. I don’t mind if they have written one or two pages too, I just flick them.

One of my Best friend presented me a nice diary with a beautiful note written in it for me. But when my friend decided to part he wanted the diary back. That was the first time I returned one of my dairies, but I held back the note he wrote for me. I wish I could get it back some day. It did mean a lot to me.

My husband has gifted me a few, unique and cute ones. I haven’t written anything in any of them. They are all blank and beautiful. I like to keep them like that. Many a times I wonder I would write all this stuff in my diary, but I am scared someone would read it. I know there are a lot of my loved ones who read my blog, but I feel its lot different for people to read a hand written note than to read an electronically manipulated emotions. They are two different things.

Hope all my friends reading this blog get the message. You know what makes me happy.


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