Very Hectic!

It’s been a very hectic month so far. I have so many thoughts that have to be put in scripts, but just couldn’t make any time. Even now, I have let me daughter watch TV, so I can get a little time for myself.

There so many things that are bothering me, my daughter was unwell for almost 3 weeks this month. I started my candle production late this time and missed a few orders. My sister in law has become a big headache these days. I have been fighting with my hubby all through.

I have a sick feeling, anxious, like something is going to happen, like an intuition, but I don’t know what it could be, a terrible feeling altogether.

I had a few good moments too. My daughter had a Vegetable Fancy dress day and Grandparents’ day. My daughter and I had a great time together. Though I got to know about the Fancy dress at a short notice [as my daughter missed the first 2 weeks of her school due to fever] I did very simple jewelry using Ladies fingers. Though it was not a superb idea, but it was all about participating. And on Grandparents day, all three grand parents went along with Nimisha to the function. It seems they had good time. Both the grandfathers escaped on the word of games; however my mother did stay and played all games and encouraged her too.

My head’s full of topics and a lot of confusions. I guess I will take some more time to clear the clog.


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