Night Out!

It was nice weekend. I must say, it was a very different experience to me. I had seen such scenes in movies and heard from my friends. My Co-sister [My New found friend] actually planned to go out together [Kids barred] to a movie and since the tickets were all sold out, we planned for dinner. Since it was late, we had to find something closer to our place so we could reach home without any problems. While we were thinking of a nice place, we decided on Shakthi hills. [It’s a resort, basically a club to Bangaloreans].

It was already 10 when we reached there. It was chilly and just stopped drizzling. It s a hillock. We could see the lit up city below. We sat beside the pool and very little people around, basically, couples, enjoying the weather and chilling out. I don’t remember when was the last time we went out so late after Nimisha was born. I don’t even remember when the last time I was out without Nimisha. She is been part of every outing, every dinner, every shopping. Though it was us, we would always worry about her.

So once we made ourselves comfortable, the men decided to drink, so did we. Well I was pulled into it by co sister [She’s a bubbly, smart, live-life-to-the-fullest types]. This was something new to both of us. D also encouraged me to try it. I was thrilled by the thought, in that enthusiasm; I joined My Co-sis and asked for a drink. Now we didn’t know what to order for, so the men helped us out with the menu.

Chilled drinks hot and spicy starters, warmed us up, while the chilly wind gave me goose bumps. The food tasted good and the dizziness made me feel nice and light. With all the tensions out of my head and cozy time with D made it more special. It also adds to my First time List, that I had liquor.

Now that I had the taste of it, I’m sure its gonna repeat… Hick!


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