My Marriage… My Daughter’s Need

Well First of all, I just realized I have surpassed 200 posts. Congratulations to me!.

It took a very long time for me to understand my responsibility in my marriage. I understood it’s not a joke to be married. You don’t remain an individual after marriage. You have a responsibility of representing a family. What you portray, is what your family is. I have a very happy family today. It took me 3 years to bond with my family members; I had to sacrifice so much to see this day. It’s all worth.

Everything seemed so hopeless when I first moved in with my husband. The whole situation was such a chaos. I kept running away from the situation. It got worse. I had nobody to tell me what to do. Even if they did, it seemed like it never implied to me. I had to make my own decisions, good or bad; I had to face the consequences. I guess, I didn’t know what I wanted. I tried everything people said. I did what ever I felt was right. Everything still looked chaotic until I realized what I wanted from my marriage.

It is easy to get married, and easy to get out of it. But the real challenge lies in staying there and working it out. Everybody has their share. When I looked around me, I thought everybody else is having a happy married life and only I was suffering. Marriage was never a priority for me, but when I got married. I wanted to jump of it. It seemed lot easier than stick there. By the time I made up my mind, I had my daughter in my hand. Now, the real story begins.

I realized I had no responsibility in that house. My father in law ran the house. My sister in law was in charge of the kitchen. My husband was busy establishing his career. I did not relate to this family at all. So it hardly mattered to me. I had lenience to what ever I wanted to do. I go where ever I wanted; I could come home, when ever I wanted. Nobody questioned me anything. My husband too was happy in his space. It was when I conceived did I understand what a family is. The thought of brining my daughter into this chaos gave me shrieks. I also understood, its not just the mother but, it is very important have father for a child too. So then I decided that I have to make a father and then a husband out of D. The process took almost 14 months. But I succeeded.

No matter what, you have to stand by your partner and go through what ever he is going through, his joys and sorrows, his gain and loss, his victory and failure are all yours. And… That makes Marriage.





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