What Do I Call It?

She was a girl with beauty and brains. He was the most handsome bachelor with feather of success on his cap at a very young age. The girl and the man worked in the same company; He was the boss and she a subordinate. They started liking each other and committed to a relationship. Unlike other couple, their love did not affect their profession. They stayed very focused and sincere in their work. They got good recognition and growth in the company. When everything was going fine, the man decided to walk a different path citing his parents and the religion as the problem. He said he didn’t want to hurt his parents as he was the only son and they had nobody to go to. The girl did all she can to keep up the relationship, but he didn’t budge. She suffered a lot, wondering what her mistake was, while the man chose to marry some one his parents approved. He tells this girl he wouldn’t want to disclose anything about his affair, to his fiancee, so he asks the girl to move on and cause no problem to his new life. He cuts all the contacts with his friends so nobody would give a clue to his wife about the relationship. He trusts none.

Days passed by, the girl got over her sorrows and decided to marry someone her parents chose. She got married to a pretty nice man, who’s well settled in Abroad. The girl flew out of the country with him and started a new life with all past behind. By then, this man had problems in his marriage. One day, he finds the girl online and tries to talk to her. He tells her he is going through a bad phase in his life and seeks solace in this girl. But the girl doesn’t budge. She is mature and intelligent. She smartly daunts him and tells him about her happily married life. This came to him as a shock, yet, blesses her and signs off. After a few months the girl receives an email from the man and he writes…

“I’m sorry. I think what goes, does come back, yet in the same package. You let me go and I thought it was easy. I never realized what pain you would have gone through. How much you would have suffered to forget and forgive. I am going through the same. I know it now and I realize what a big mistake I committed. God has punished me in the right way. I officially got divorced from my wife. Thanks to my parents. Though, she was their choice. They didn’t like her and blamed her for an illicit affair and a liar, though she was none. Yet I couldn’t stand beside her, take her stride and face my parents. I did a lot to save my marriage. But nothing worked. Here I was playing your role and did my best to keep the relation intact, but I fail, like I failed you. I know it’s not worth talking about what I did or what happened to me for what I did, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I learn t my lesson. May god bless you with all the happiness”

The girl felt very bad. She was concerned and felt pity on his plight.. rHis thoughts were running on her mind. His handsome face came in front of her eyes; she felt his need in her heart, she still had all the happy moments they spent in her heart which she had flushed them out of her mind, yet she came back to reality She didn’t want act upon situation with ‘at the moment’ emotion and she also thought about the pain she went through, how much she suffered because of him and how Her husband cares for her and loves her even after she had told him about this guy. It is then she decided to write back to him and she wrote…

“Everything that happens is intended by the almighty. There is nothing you and I can do about it. Everything happened was in our conscience. Those days passed and these will too. Hope you realize your priorities, stand by them and not let someone else make the decisions for you. The past is over and I don’t carry the package. I sympathize with you but I can’t console you. Hope god gives you the courage and will to pass through this phase. I would appreciate if you would never get in touch with me and let me lead my happy life with my loving husband. Thank You”


2 thoughts on “What Do I Call It?

    • yetlearning says:

      I don’t think so… its about a girl who has moved on from her past relationship and wit fully asks her ex to stay out of her life…

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