An evening @ Sankey

 It’s really hard to manage time nowadays. I am getting lazier as I’m aging. I’m trying to keep myself and my blog up to date, but lacking a lot of interest in both. Well, may be a phase.

Ok, this weekend was a mixture of lot of things. It’s been very busy. On Saturday we went to our farm [in the outskirts of Bangalore]. I wanted to take lot of pictures there. I couldn’t do so as my Pa-in-law finds it very annoying. We were exhausted when we came back from there. The next evening we had been to Sankey Tank. Well it may sound a little weird, but, yes it is called so. Sankey Tank [Google Map] is actually a lake. It got its name tank as it is a man made lake. It is famous for the Idol immersions during the festivals.

Off late the lake has been developed nicely. They have made paths for joggers and morning strolls. There’s a small play area for the kids. You can also find boating facility depending on the water level. Though it is very crowded during the weekend, it’s a nice place to spend an evening with the kids. It’s always buzzing with joggers, hawkers and lovers.


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