Busy Bengaluru

Three’s no one at home; I thought I would grab this opportunity to take a small nap. But the moment I catch up with sleep, either there is somebody at the door, or, the phone rings. So I, decided there’s no point in such nap and switched on the PC. While its coming on, I go to the fridge, open the can of rasgulla [it is one of India’s favorite sweets] , which has only two left at the bottom. I just put one of it into the bowl, come back to PC, which ready waiting for me.

Before I begin, I have few things to clear. One of my friends thinks it is not a good idea to leave a comment and mark ‘LIKE’ on my posts as it would mean interference in my personal thought. But he manages to read them though… and yet call it personal. Everybody’s welcome to read the post and comment because you are sharing your opinion with me and you are welcome to do so [and I choose to which one to be there]. Secondly another friend of mine thinks I write my blog for my audience [hehehe] and I’m diplomatic about what I write. He says, when he reads my blog, its like I’m talking to him and the words come from my mind and not heart. Well, it was such a difficult situation for me. One says its so personal and the other says its all made up [in my mind]. I no comment. I haven’t started what I wanted to say and already I finished my rasgulla.

I actually forgot what I wanted to say err… write.

Okay, from the time I can remember until today there has been tremendous change in and around Bangalore. Mused by its changing colors, I thought I will make this changing Bangalore a part of my blog and ma including it as one of the category ‘Busy Bengaluru’ So Here’s the first copy.

First thing you notice when you reach Bengaluru city is Metro under construction… So, here’s glimpse of it This is @RajajiNagar

While cruising through the inder-construction-metro, we reached Sheshadri Puram College. Here’s a famous Chats-on-street wala, who makes tastiest chats and world famous in Bangalore.



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