Bathroom Musings!

Well, Now that I have sat down to write, I’m wondering what I would write about. I don’t want to continue the stress mania as I’m free of it at the moment. [My daughter is gone to stay at her grand parents and my hubby’s at office. I’m alone]

I was going through a bunch of [web]sites, looking for a nice place to spend the next weekend. My Hubby had suggested a few resorts in kerala and the first thing I looked for was the picture gallery on the site and there, I would look for the bathroom picture they have. Depending on the Bathroom, I would check the type of room and tariff. It took a while for me to realize that I was doing something strange. You can call it a fetish, but, for me the bathroom makes an impression about the place, May it be hotels, resorts, malls or somebody’s house.

I think it’s not only me; there are many who feel the same. One of my friends does and always suggests me too, to book a hotel room with a bathtub in the bathroom. He says it’s kinky, yet romantic, He also says Romance and bathroom always have a connection. The couple who enjoy bathroom romance are said to be loyal and truthful to their partners. But, I don’t check out bathrooms with romance as my intensions, but it’s always a priority of course.*-)

I decided to find out what people think about such a fetish, So, I put up a question on Facebook to find out what others look for when they check in to hotel room. If you find it, please answer it.


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