Stress And its Symptoms

Well, now that I have realized factors causing Stress, I had to analyze what are the symptoms. [Well, this off-the-mind-research is taking a lot of time; I also feel like I’m doing a very important project in life… lol]

While I was working on the symptoms, my thoughts drifted in to a fantasy that, my research would help so many people and all the posts on Stress might become a huge resource and morph itself to a neat book and I also did think of a wonderful name for the book and the graphics to be used on the cover page.

A pop up on my screen woke me up from day dreaming. My computer had finished installing the software for my new camera. Yes, I got a new camera, Nikon P500 as a gift [Congrats to me!] Well, I got it as an appreciation for helping my Hubby dear with his MBA Project.

I got irritated for getting distracted from my fantasy of being an author :-{ and at the same time I felt happy about my new camera. I had to come back to today, where I’m just writing about MY stress levels and its symptoms.

Well, there I have my first symptom, Irritation. I get irritated very soon. I want things to be where they are supposed to be and if they are not in place, Like my daughter’s toys. My husband’s watch and all my makeup accessories, lying on the dressing table [thanks to my daughter again]. List doesn’t end there. My Pa in law [copied from Ash] leaves his stuff on the dining table, and never thinks of it as a place to eat, and not a junk yard.

So, I start cleaning up the mess. While I’m cleaning up, the ‘Bad Me’ keeps telling me that I am being treated as their slave rather than a member with equal rights in this house, which frustrates me. The second Symptom.

The frustration turns to ‘Anger’, the third symptom and I shout at them losing most of my energy. Once I’m done I feel tired, the fourth symptom. Since I’m tired, I will not be able to do the actual work I’m supposed to and that gets postponed.

Once the work piles up I’m tensed and hate myself for not making it on time. ‘Time Management’ – The fifth symptom. I hurry up and try to finish the work and end up messing it and I get irritated. Then the cycle begins and when its continuously looping I figure out that I’m stressed.


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