Stressed Out? How Do You Know…

The most often word in my vocabulary now a days is STRESS. I keep saying “I’m Stressed”. I realized this very recently, that I have been saying this to a lot of people and every 3 sentence I say would have the word ‘stress’ or it would be ‘I’m stressed’. Before somebody would point it out [I’m sure no one cares] I realized it myself. So I wanted to find out, if I was really stressed or am I making excuses to certain tasks. Well, that was an interesting research.

It was a wonderful research.Though it started of as off-the-mind-silly researches I conduct on myself [coz, I’m my own critic,.. what ever I’m boasting probably] it came out to be a meaningful and an insightful research about me. [Lol] OK… seriously, I did realize one should measure his stress levels very often and keep a check on it. Stress has been a greater threat to common man’kind’[apart from AIDS… I guess]. No matter what health show or who ever the specialist is, the first thing they mention is control stress, or reduce stress levels, in order to bring the situation at ease. But how do you know you are stressed?

I asked this question to myself. You know how good I’m a with questions, [I mean whoever has been following my blog, knows every blog of mine has at least one question… most of the times I don’t put a question mark just to avoid it. Lol… sorry] the first part of my research was asking my self, when do I feel stressed out? Huh… that itself is a stressful task. 

I became cautious about every word I said, so I could track the actually how many times or when I mentioned the word stress. While doing so I realized I was a very patient person and also a morbid. First thing I realized is I use the word stress when my kid and husband are around [Well I couldn’t have found a better reason]. The second thing is ‘Work’, well, you could say responsibility. Thirdly, ‘Sleep dipravation’. Fourth, is ‘Time Mangaement’, Fifth is I’m feel tired very soon[ I guess I could go down to so many things… but I guess these are major ones. Well, I guess I don’t have to say anything more. This must be the best reasoning anybody can give for STRESS in their life. I need to work on it and find a way around. [abrupt ending?… yeah, Time management = stress, gotta get out before it catches on me]


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