Off To School!!!

My daughter has started school. After all the panic attacks, anxiety and emotional setbacks, I am getting into the routine.

It was a very strange experience to me. My daughter was so happy about going to school and here I was scared and terrified about how she would take care of herself. Obviously though there are teachers and attendants, she is the one who has to adjust to that environment. She has to adapt to the change. I wasn’t sure if she can do it. But, for her, the transit was so easy.

Parents had to accompany the children on the first 2 days. By the way, she goes to Eurokids [a reputed play school in India] my husband dropped us at the school and waved at us while we went in. We were received by the school head Ms. Nayana. The attendants at the door, helped Nimisha take off her sandals and her bag. They led us to a room where a few kids with their parents were playing with the toys around. I was a little nervous. I was nervous because, I wondered how my daughter would behave, how she would conduct herself. Could she express if she had to use the toilet, yes she can talk but, would she speak out about it was my doubt. [Of course it’s too much to ask from a 2 and a half year old kid]

Mostly it was mothers who accompanied the kids. Almost all the kids were shy and sat with their mom, but my daughter went around the room, as if she knew this place from a very long time. She picked up the toys she liked, sat in a comfortable corner and started playing. She actually didn’t need me at all. She was so different from other children there. She was actually the youngest among all. She was so cheerful all through the session; a few mothers complimented me too.

As the class begin, she did all that her teacher said and did and never felt out of place. She sang the prayer, helped her teacher with clearing the toys, she sat with her teacher to listen to the story, she washed her hand and sat down and ate her snacks without any mess. I just sat there and watched her. All the anxiety and fear vanished and big smile dawned on my face all through the session.

The teachers conducted a small activity to know each other. They asked all the children to sit down in a circle and asked each one of them to tell their name and the person accompanied them. While the other children sat with their parents and were being prompted to tell their names, my daughter was sitting with one of her teacher, so when it was her turn she did tell her name but when asked for the name who she was accompanied, she thought for a moment and said ‘amma’ and a huge laugh broke out in the class. Though it was funny, I felt proud.

She is potty trained, and we don’t use diapers. I was a little worried if she could express her needs, which she did diligently. She came up to me and told me she wanted to use the loo. I prompted her, to her teacher, so she could know whom to address and they asked the attendant to help her out. I was completely confident that my daughter is ready to face the world [yes… her play school is her current world] I felt so proud and happy about my daughter’s behavior. I sat there and watched my budding daughter bloom. That was the happiest moment for me [after the day she was born].




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