Going to School

My daughter is growing up so quickly. I still remember her being in my arms, so fragile and so small @ the hospital. She is 32 months now. She is so eager to go to school. She will be joining Nursery from 8th of June.

Nimisha so wants to go to school. Everyday she talks about school and toys she’s gonna play with. I’m a little concerned about leaving her alone in a stranger’s supervision for 2 hrs, but she is looking forward for it without any hesitation.

I don’t know if she is really bright and smart, but she really grasps things very quickly. She loves reading books. She wants to play with colors. She loves every story I cook up for her. Though she is inquisitive, I haven’t forced her to learn anything in particular. I want her to enjoy her childhood. I want learning to be natural process for her. I’m not in any kind of race. I see a lot of parents, pushing their children to learn rhymes, dance, and songs and recite them in front of others, just to show off, how good they are as parents.

I have bought a lot of books for her. I want her to make reading a habit. I don’t impose her to read instead when ever she is bored of physical activities, I ask her to read. She enjoys looking into her picture book and relates them to objects around her, like once she saw the jam bottle in her picture book, went running to the refrigerator, picked up the jam bottle and showed it to me. That was such a victorious moment to me.

We take her for shopping groceries. It’s a family affair for us. We take her to every section, and each one of it gives her a new learning experience. She watches me pick things up, go through the MFD and MRPs, and put into the basket. Though she doesn’t know what I’m doing, she imitates me by turning the product around and looking at it and put it into the trolley. Once she saw these rhymes playing on the TV @ the kids section and she asked me what it was. When I explained to her, that those were small songs for the kids, she insisted I buy one for her. She has learnt a lot of rhymes, just by seeing them everyday. She asks me to play the rhymes CD and that is when I play it for her.

I hope I’m doing the right thing for her. I want her to grow up healthy and active. I may not be able to give her the best things in the world, but I want her to have what’s best for her.



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