Milestones of My Life – Dhruva

While I was still at AOL, there were a lot of handsome men around, but this guy held my attention.

I had put back all my crushes and concentrating on moving ahead in my career, my parents brought up the topic of marriage. They wanted to get me married. I was just 24. But, they never wanted to listen what I want. They started looking for alliances.

I was not in a mood to get married and settle down so soon.  My concept about marriage was like any ordinary middle class girl [which I was] had assumed I would have a husband who would have a hectic job and odd timings and loves cricket [like any other man in the country] with my in laws staying with us. I would have to take care of the household have kids [only 2, I decided] and look after them until they get married.

I had a tuff time at work. I somehow had to make it to next level, if not I knew it would just be a job, a medium for earning, not a profession. While I was sweating it out at office for the post of Technical Writer, My parents invited a few guests for coffee. [The matter had its own dimensions] and I was asked to stay at home. That is when I saw Dhruva. It was a casual meeting.. My parents were invited to their house. They met and decided to get us married.

I was returning home from a tedious night shift, all tired and alone in the cab. The loud music was annoying me, I just wanted to sleep. It was an anonymous message just saying ‘Hi’. I knew it was him. Suddenly there was some kind of magic in the air. My energy level boosted to maximum. My dull face was lit with a smile and I kept smiling all through the day. The conversation began and we chatted the whole day. I don’t remember what. I couldn’t sleep. It was my weekend the next day and had a function to attend to in the evening. We spoke to each other for first time that day at 11 pm.

From the time we met, he has been so sweet to me. Even today, he’s the one who obliges. We will be completing 5 years of togetherness very soon, but I’m not bored of him. I wait to see his smile every morning; I wait for him to return home like I did 5 years ago. He hasn’t changed at all. He religiously wishes me good morning; he kisses me good night everyday. We miss each other when we stay apart. I guess this is possible only because of him. His unconditional love has kept us bonded and left was wanting for more of each other.

Most of the times I’ve heard children divide the time between couples. But that has never happened to us. He still gives me the same amount of time like he used to. He calls me from office, even if he has nothing to talk about. He spends the whole weekend with me and doesn’t get bored.

It’s not easy to handle a person like me. I’m a riot. I have taken a lot of advantage of Dhruva’s patience. It’s always him, who’s gone apologize no matter who makes the mistake. I’m adamant and strong headed when it comes to apologies. It’s easy to handle my daughter than me. He has never complained about anything to me or to anybody. He has fulfilled every desire; he has supported me in every decision and never asked me why? He has been there with me in all my failures and never ridiculed me. If not for him, I would have walked out of this marriage long ago, may be for not his mistake but my stupidity.

I would not be what I’m if not fro him. He has given me an identity of my own. But I like to call myself Soumya Dhruvakumar and show the world that I’m a part of him.


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