India Won the World Cup!!!

Whoa! India won the World Cup.

I’m surprised. I thought they didn’t have that determination or capacity. SO I bet on Srilanka. [Freedom of choice, you know]

I have seen a couple of Srilankan Matches in World Cup series and I found them more determined towards their goal. Their capacity to hit boundaries, get wickets and a strong fielding and I feel they are physically trained so well, that only 2 players played the whole match and won the Quarter final. This made me think that they would win the World Cup too.

Cricket’s a festival in India. So almost 1 in 5 people in India was praying for India’s Victory. I think its sheer luck and god’s blessing that gave them the strength and brains to win over Srilanka. Indian Players are not physically fit to stay on for 10 overs and more. You can see them panting after a few overs. They need runners to continue. Its not that I’m degrading them, but as a critic, this is what I think about them when compared to Srilankans. [Freedom of Thought].

The best part was, I bet with my husband that Srilanka would win. At the beginning of the game it was all for fun. When Srilanka chose to bat and were hitting fours and sixes in the last few overs, my husband was feeling a little anxious too. The excitement caught up when India started to bat. Especially, during Gautam and Dhoni’s partnership, things changed at home. D was excited and was sure about India’s victory. He couldn’t take it when I cheered Srilankans. He almost stopped talking to me. He frowned and snared at me when I tried to say something. That is when I realized what Cricket meant to an Indian. Ofcourse I was happy about India winning the trophy, it was my opinion that made me villein that night. It took him 2 days to talk to me properly.

I vowed to myself that day, never would I take a chance with cricket and another Indian.

I wish they showed the same patriotism in the every aspect of country’s growth and India would have benefited so much from this passion.

I’m including no tags to this post as I don’t want my in-box to be flooded with hate mails. I’m talking my true feelings guys, No offense.


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