Cricket World Cup 2011

Everybody… almost everybody in India will be watching cricket at this point now… People worship Cricket in India. Its World cup finals…. India verses Sri Lanka. Its been 28 years they won the last cup [india]

I am sitting here and writing my blog. I’m not a die hard fan, in fact I’m not a cricket fan anymore. I did when I was young, a school going girl, who had some of the greatest cricket icons. Not any more. I have my own overs to play now. The fact that I’m writing is, i wonder how crazy people can be. They do anything to watch this match. And it doesnt end here at World Cup. It continues to IPL T – 20 matches. But still people go crazy as if this the last match of their lives.

The whole area in fact, the whole city is so calm. The FM stations who run you through the various traffic Jams around the city are not getting any more updates. Its pin drop silence on the streets. Even those small kids around 6 – 8yrs who play street cricket are not found any where. Leave alone others my daughter who’s just 28 months knows it s a out when her dad says “OOOOH NOOO…”. She immediately shouts Out. This is the fever of Cricket, in India.

The other day when India won against Pakistan, the next day the whole Newspaper was printed Blue. This really left me stumped. Ooops I think I’m a little carried off by the cricket dialect too.

It makes no difference to me anyways, as I am enjoying this cricket fever, not watching the match though… Since its finals today, My hubby took leave from all the weekend chores and so did I. I have givenn kitchen a break too. Everything’s coming from outside. SO for lunch? you may ask… Its Pizza, Pasta and lava Cake…mmmmm… Yummy.


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